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PT Angsana Tugu Perkasa (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

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PT. Angsana Tugu Perkasa, Established Since 2010, Engaged In The Provision Of Goods And Services For Industrial Use,
Both Oil and Gas Mining Industry In Indonesia And Other Sub Contractors. Some of the products we can supply include, Barton Chart Recorder, Crosby Pressure Safety Relief Valve Series JOS, OMNI TRIM 800 & 900. Farris Pressure Safety Relief Valve Series 2600 & 2700, Consolidated Pressure Safety Relief Valve Series 1900 & 19000, Fisher Pressure Reducing Regulator Series 67CFR, 67CFSR, 627, 627R, 630, 630R, Penberthy Liquid Level gauge Series Reflex & Transfarens, Top Safe Breather Valve & Flame Arrester Top Safe Emergency Vent Cover & Gauge Hatch Cover, Swagelok Tube & Fitting, Swagelok Valve Manifold & Needle Valve, Repaire Kit for Barton Recorder Chart Paper, Chart Drive, Static Pressure Element & Themperature Element, Ashcroft Pressure Switch Series B4 & B7, United Electric Pressure Switch Series J120, Anderson Grenwood Instruments Manifold & Accessories, Fisher Indicating Controller Series 2500, 2502, 4150, 4160K. Fisher Positioner Series 3582 & 3582i. Magnetrol Level Swtch & Level Transmitter. Bettis Actuator & Control Series CB, CBA, HD. TLV Steam Trap Series A3N & AF3N. Etc.
We are Committed And Responsible In Conducting Business Transactions To Mandate Trust Of The Customer / Client ...


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